Where have you been?

Where have you been? (2021). 100x150cm. Oil on canvas. Where have you been?Oil on Canvas100 x 150 cm2021 The painting and the name speak for itself. A desperate lonesomeness. Perhaps this could be my last painting of the year, it's the end of September already. I'm deeply appreciate those painters who devote themselves and produce … Continue reading Where have you been?


WE.OWN.THE.NIGHT. (2021). 120x160cm. Oil on canvas. WE.OWN.THE.NIGHT.Oil on Canvas120 x 160cm2021 My brother asked me to paint him something dark. So this idea of a vehicle jumping into the night appeared suddenly in my head. Some random elements around it, such as the sunset sky that I actually saw above the West lake of Hanoi, … Continue reading WE.OWN.THE.NIGHT.


Playground (2020). 80x100cm. Oil on canvas. PlaygroundOil on Canvas80 x 100cm2020 This painting was done quickly "thanks to" the Covid-19 pandemic. I was having an isolation period, and came up with a painting idea with different materials at once: the beach, the desert, the wooden pattern, the Moon's surface, a strange planet (looked like Mars), … Continue reading Playground