Chapter 6: The Unified Field Theory and the Bridge Between Physics and Metaphysics

What About the Power of Belief?
“The collective consciousness of humanity determines what humanity experiences in this world.” Each individual soul contributes to the consciousness of the whole, obviously, but what is not so obvious is that the quality of consciousness has a great deal to do with the effectiveness of creative thought.

The Mechanics of Consciousness
The modes of operation of this direction manifest as what scientists call the four major forces: weak and strong nuclear, electromagnetic and gravitational.

The Quantum Factors and Equations of Consciousness
In our overly simplistic equation, a vibration of 3.0 in consciousness would be ten times weaker than a life form with a vibration of 4.0. A being with a consciousness of 6.0 would be 1,000 times stronger than a being with a vibration of 3.0.

Another Look at the Holographic Nature of the Universe
There are several proofs being presented to suggest that time and space are ultimately illusions. We can say with certainty that there is nothing that proves time and space are real. We have been through this before but let us repeat: Show us where yesterday and tomorrow exist. They are ideas within the mind that is thinking right now. It is only now. It is impossible for it to be other than now.

Chapter 8: The Consciousness of Increasing Energy

Clearing the Belief in Separation
The reality for a truly realized being is that they are far more effective at helping the world if they can remain detached, literally and figuratively, from the daily drama of life.

Ending Resistance — The Key to Unlimited Energy
Mathematically, Ohm’s Law is stated thus: Current (kinetic energy) equals voltage (potential energy) divided by resistance. Put in layman’s terms, the less resistance you have to the flow of life (prana), the more usable energy you can generate. This is true physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Ending Resistance — The Key to Unlimited Energy
A balanced state of consciousness is one in which there is no longer the constant tension and stress of striving to become something.

Ending Resistance — The Key to Unlimited Energy
Forcing the body to endure unnatural conditions, such as stress at work, obsessive exercise or inharmonious environments, makes it nearly impossible for the body to do its job. Your first task, when attempting to heal resistance and increase overall energy, is to ask yourself, “In what ways am I in resistance? What am I not accepting about my current situation? How am I trying to force things to be different than the way they are?”

Chapter 9: A Metaphysical Issue — The Law of Attraction

A Deeper Look at the Law of Attraction
You respond rather than react. As you raise your consciousness, you remove judgment from your mind. Being free of judgment, you can then see the highest and best path for you and humanity.

Chapter 14: Degenerative Factors Explained in Depth

Second Law of Thermodynamics (Natural Entropy)
Fear is almost always the result of the thought, “I’m not safe.” Anger comes from the thought that you are in some way violated. Sadness comes from wishing things to be different than the way they are.

Chapter 15: More Information on How We Dissipate Energy

Second Law of Thermodynamics (Natural Entropy)
An enlightened state involves an alert, attentive mind, one that is not burdened by thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow. The

Chapter 16: Even More Subtle Aspects of Energy Dissipation

Summarizing the Topic of Resistance
Listen to the body. It has a built- in intelligence. If you feel tired a lot, something is out of balance.

Chapter 17: How to Increase the Flow of Energy into Your Physical Body and Other Levels

Cosmic Radiation
There are two definitions of meditation: (1) A state of stillness in the mind, and (2) A practice for becoming aware of the movement of consciousness.

Cosmic Radiation
Wisdom is the bridge between awareness and understanding.

Chapter 19: The Necessary Changes in Society

Government Suppression and Control
The ego is an illusion. It is a collection of thoughts (small energetic impulses emanating from consciousness), so it has a rudimentary level of reality. These thoughts give rise to the idea of a separate self, or personality. If this separate self is real, where is it? The brain? The heart? Outside the body? Remember the analogy of opening up a radio and looking for a set of tiny musicians playing inside it. In other words, the belief in ego/ personality is based on a certain frequency originating within consciousness itself. It is the result of identifying with the physical body and believing it is separate from the rest of the universe.

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