Where have you been?

Where have you been? (2021). 100x150cm. Oil on canvas.

Where have you been?
Oil on Canvas
100 x 150 cm

The painting and the name speak for itself. A desperate lonesomeness. Perhaps this could be my last painting of the year, it’s the end of September already. I’m deeply appreciate those painters who devote themselves and produce a huge amount of artworks continuously. I’ve been considered this as a pure hobby because of my laziness, however, from next year I will have to change my view on it. It takes serious practice to be good at anything.
A quick background story, on the day after when I completed this painting, I experienced a strange depression that I thought I could only see on television. My body suddenly collapsed on the kitchen floor, and I began to cry uncontrollably. My mind thought I’m completely strong and healthy, but my body protested. This was the first time ever I faced a crazy episode of solitude that lead to unrecognized depression. It’s almost a full 4 months of lockdown because of the fucking pandemic. What I learned and wanted to say to everyone, is that nobody should be, or deserved to be lonely ever in this life. Love and peace!

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