WHY WE SLEEP – Matthew Walker

A profound research on the science of sleep, yes, because it is a science book hence it was difficult for me to comprehend and finish it. There were plenty of new information and examples. To sum up, it changed the view of readers on sleeping conception and I am glad to understand about it at this age, so that I can make effort to change my sleeping pattern as soon as possible. I have three unanswered questions from the book:
(i) If the act of sleeping is abundant and healthy among human beings then what would distinguish the differences between artists and other people in terms of creativity, since the author stated that our ability to create would be the same? I believe there are more factors to determine creativity beside sleeping.
(ii) The effect of meditating to sleep as well as brain activity?
(iii) How to make ourselves sleep longer to reach 8 hours once we shift our regular sleeping patterns? (For example after a long night of party or talking with friends, we want to sleep fully but still wake up at a fixed time the next day because our biological clock wakes us up.)

The dark side of caffeine.
Quick test to know if we sleep enough yet.
Read this if we have a teenager son.
Extremity is often dangerous. […] Hypersensitivity to pleasurable experiences can lead to sensation-seeking, risk-taking…(Sadly I forgot to capture the next page!!!)
Science vs Philosophy
Many works of art come from dreams!
“It is the difference between knowledge (retention of individual facts) and wisdom (knowing what they all mean when you fit them together). Or said more simply, learning versus comprehension. REM sleep allows your brain to move beyond the former and truly grasp the latter.”
Traditional method to develop better sleep pattern.
In conclusion… We love sleep.

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